Wheatley Parish Council



PRESENT: Cllrs Dalton (in the Chair), Willmott, Reilly and Knapp

OFFICER: The clerk

ALSO PRESENT: 3 members of the public

In the absence of the Chairmen Cllr Dalton was elected as Chairman for the meeting

66. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE had been received from Cllrs Coveley, Stacey and Lamont


68. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING HELD ON 9TH NOVEMBER  2011 which had been circulated with the Agenda were agreed as a correct and accurate record with the following amendments:

Minutes 62(iv) – 4th line – replace ‘plot ‘ with ‘footprint of the house’

Minutes 62(v) – 3rd line from the end – replace ‘in adequate’ with ‘inadequate’

69. UPDATE ON MEETING HELD ON 9th NOVEMBER 2011 –nothing to report


i) P11/W1599 (Other) + P11W/1600 (LB) 3 The Old School. 37d Church Rd. Removal of existing conservatory, erection of modern conservatory.  No Strong Views- Amendment – For Information Only – NOTED

ii) P11/W1676 (Minor) 1,2 &3 The Croft Mulberry Drive. Demolition of existing unattractive rear extensions to Nos 1 & 2 The croft and replacement with one and two storey rear and side extensions. Demolition of 3 The Croft and construction of new replacement dwelling. Recommend refusal – Amendment (As amplified by additional information received from Agent dated 24 November 2011)

Mr McKinney, a resident in Mulberry Drive was invited to speak. He said that the present cottages were an eyesore and development should be allowed.

The Committee accepted that the total floor space was not twice the current amount as had been stated at the last meeting but the Committee still found the bulk unsatisfactory and also were not happy with the parking spaces overlooking a listed building. It was Agreed to re-iterate that they Recommend Refusal


i) P11/W1651(Minor) 24 Westfield Road. Demolition of existing single storey dwelling and outbuildings and the erection of1 no. 2 bedroom dwelling and 1 no. 3 bedroom dwelling, 1 and a half storeys high.

Mrs Godfrey, 31 park Hill, was allowed to speak to her objection that had been submitted to SODC

Note: SODC were unable to grant the Parish Council an extension of  time to respond to this application so in accordance with Standing Order 47.1(c), in consultation with the Chair of the Planning Committee, and in light of the objections raised by residents the Clerk responded to SODC and Recommended Refusal

The clerk outlined the reasons given for the recommendation:

  • The modern design is out of keeping with and unsympathetic with the surrounding properties and whilst being outside the Wheatley Conservation Area, the site, being up the hill means that it will be visible from the CA
  • The development is overbearing to 31 Park Hill plus the plans seem to indicate that the development at Plot 2 goes right on the boundary with No 31
  • There is also concern over the access to the site especially emergency vehicles and construction vehicles.

The Committee endorsed the action of the Clerk and Chairman

ii)   P11/W1696 (Minor) Asda Stores, London Rd. Proposed entrance lobby to store entrance. Recommend Approval

It was Agreed that the Chairman and clerk write to the Chief Executive of Asda requesting attention be given to pedestrian access from London Road to the store.

iii)   P11/W1490 (Other) 24 Old London Road Alterations to the vehicular

access.- Recommend Approval

iv)   P11/W1849(Major) 64 London Road. Demolition of existing buildings and redevelopment of site to provide 5 x 1 bed and 5 x 2 bed flats served by a new access from Church Road. Parking spaces for 13 cars, refuse and recycling storage, cycle parking and landscaping.

Mr Woolf, 66 London Rd., was invited to speak. He said that he was very much in favour of the development of the site because at the moment it was such an eye sore. He outlined what he saw as the pros and cons of the suggested development as he saw it.

Recommend Refusal – whilst being very much in favour of the redevelopment of the site it was felt that size and bulk of the 3 storey building was inappropriate for the surrounding area.


i) P11/W1430 (Other) 37 Crown Road  Amendment Two storey rear extension to form kitchen/family room on the ground floor, bedroom with en-suite bathroom to the first floor (As amended by drawing MV21065/P2/A accompanying letter from agent dated 12 October 2011). Recommend Approval – GRANTED 02.11.11

ii) P11/W1441 (Other) 25 Old Road Extensions and alterations

Recommend Approval – WITHDRAWN – 05.11.11

iii) P11/W1599 (Other) + P11W/1600 (LB) 3 The Old School. 37d Church Rd. Removal of existing conservatory, erection of modern conservatory.

No Strong Views – GRANTED 24.11.11

iv) P11/W1434 (Other) 91 Old Road. Relocate garage provision from the rear to the front of the property (amendment to planning permission Recommend Approval – GRANTED 29.11.11

v) P11/W1101 (Minor) Land at 55 London Road. Proposed new building for a nursery daycare centre, on vacant site offering pre-school education for up to 35 children. Recommend Approval – GRANTED 29.11.11

vi) P11/W1586 (Other) 51 Church Road.  Erection of first floor rear and side extensions – No Strong Views – GRANTED 02.12.11

73.  REPORT ON SODC PLANNING TRAINING (Deferred to next meeting)


i) SODC – letter re Enforcement Order on land off Windmill Lane

Deferred to next meeting

75. DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Wednesday 11th January 2012 – Noted

The meeting close at 8.57pm

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