Planning Committee 9th May 2012


Wheatley Parish Council



PRESENT: Cllrs Coveley (in the Chair), Willmott, Dalton, Reilly & Lamont

OFFICER: The clerk

1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE had been received from Cllrs Stacey, Knapp and Stephens


3. MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING HELD ON 11th APRIL which had been circulated with the Agenda were signed as a correct and accurate record.

4. UPDATE ON MEETING HELD ON 11th April 2012

i) Minute 97(i) Letter to Asda’s Chief Executive – The Committee noted that some work had been started on the pavement by the petrol station at Asda. The clerk to e-mail the persons who had replied to our letter requesting pedestrian safety measures at the entrance.

ii) Minute 97(ii) SODC – Enforcement Order on land off Windmill Lane

The clerk had contacted the SODC Enforcement Officer who said that the said land had been cleared of non-agricultural items. The clerk to e-mail committee members  with dates for a site meeting with the Enforcement Officer.


i) P11/S0077 64 London Road (Minor) Demolition of existing buildings and

redevelopment of site to provide 3 x 1 bed and 6 x 2 bed flats served by a new access from Church Road; parking spaces for 12 cars, refuse and  recycling  storage, cycle parking and landscaping. Recommend  Approval. + Amended plans for information only – Noted

Agreed by 4 votes to 0 with 1 abstention that the clerk write to SODC requesting that a condition be put on the development that a crossing to be put across London Rd by Cromwell Place to allow pedestrians to cross London Road before the footpath on the north side ends

ii) P11/S0108 11 Miller Road Demolition of existing garage. Erection of two storey extension and single storey rear extension Recommend Refusal + Amended plans – for information only – Noted

iii) P11/W2408 (Other) 23 Windmill Lane Amendment – Part two storey part first floor front extension, erection of front porch, raising of roof to include new  rear dormers and construction of conservatory (as amended by plans accompanying e-mail from  agent dated 2 May 2012). No Strong Views


i) P11/W2408 (Other) 23 Windmill Lane Part two storey part first floor front extension, erection of front porch, raising of roof to include new rear dormers and construction of conservatory – No Strong Views

ii) P11/S0157(Minor) Land Adj to Littleworth Park Coopers Close Littleworth Proposed first floor extensions to house types 2 & 3 (Unit nos.2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7). Approved under application nos.P10/W461/O & P10/W1824/RM.- No Strong Views

iii) P12/S0319(Other) 25 Old Road Extensions and alterations

.No Strong Views

iv) P12/S0497 (Other) 10 Blenheim Lane The addition of 4 no 6ft pitched roof dormers to approved loft conversion with cat slide dormer to the rear Recommend Refusal on the grounds that this development was inappropriate for a vernacular building in the Wheatley Conservation Area.

v) P11/S0148 (Minor) 132 London Road. Erection of a Marquee to be used in with the existing Public House for use from April until October this year and existing.(sic) years. To include retention of the ‘roll-a-long’ toilet unit. No Strong Views


i) P11/W2221 (Other) 41 Ladder Hill Erection of a timber deck running the width of the back garden and project down the garden 8.4m. As the ground slopes steeplyaway, the edge of the deck nearest to house will be at ground level; the furthest edge will be at an elevation of 1m above ground level. Deck will be surrounded on two sides by ballustrading. Steps will descend to garden. Recommend Approval

GRANTED 26.03.12

ii) P11/W1930(Other) + P11/1932/LB Other Listed Building) 2 Blenheim Lane Removal of lean-to porch. Erection of new lobby/porch extension to provide link between house and outbuilding. improvements to outbuilding including rebuilding south east wall to provide additional living accommodation. Recommend Approval

Amendment – New boundary treatments and change in levels. As amended by plan plans accompanying agent’s e-mail dated 13/02/12 Recommend Approval GRANTED 05.04.12

iii) P11/W2000  (Minor) Castle Hill Farm Installation of one (1 no.) 10 kw micro wind turbine on 25m open lattice mast and associated underground cables. (As amended by drawing  SWE 25m Base Revision 0 and Additional Supporting Statement accompanying e-mail from agent received 5 March 2012). Recommend Refusal – REFUSED 12.04.12

iv) P11/W2409 (Other) 14 Coopers Close Littleworth Single storey front extension to enlarge living room. Single storey side extension to form new hall, cloakroom and utility room. No Strong Views – GRANTED 26.04.12

v) P11/W2196(Other) 51 Crown Road  Single storey, north facing extension with a pitched roof to match existing on side of existing

detached garage. No external doors or windows. No Strong Views  GRANTED  02.05.12

vi) P11/W2410 (Other) 117 Old Road Proposed single storey rear extension No Strong Views – GRANTED 02.05.12

vii) P11/W1696 (Minor) Asda Stores, London Rd. Proposed entrance lobby to store entrance – Recommend Approval – GRANTED 19.12.11

viii) P11/W2032 (Other) 39 Littleworth  Single storey extension and new pitched roof at first floor level. Recommend Approval – GRANTED 17.02.12


9. DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Wednesday 13th June 2012 – Noted

Cllrs Lamont and Dalton gave their apologies for the meeting

The meeting closed at 9.35pm

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