Oxfordshire and Wheatley – what does our future hold?

Now is your chance to challenge the issues facing our village. Further details on both these topics can be found in the Feb/Mar newsletter (pages 6-9)

SODC Local Plan

South Oxfordshire District Council are seeking your views and comments on their Local Plan 2034 The deadline for responses is 5pm on Monday 18 February.

Wheatley Parish Council will shortly have their response available to the public

WPC Response to SODC Local Plan 2034 Consultation

Oxford Cambridge Expressway

The Parish Council is supporting the efforts of the Expressway Action Group (EAG) and its objections to the building of the proposed Expressway within the B3 corridor.

If you would like to register in support of this or have any questions about the project please contact the parish council

Other links:

Cancel the Oxford to Cambridge Expressway (Petition on change.org) – https://www.change.org/p/the-secretary-of-state-for-transport-chris-grayling-mp-cancel-the-oxford-to-cambridge-expressway?utm_medium=email&utm_source=petition_signer_receipt&utm_campaign=triggered&share_context=signature_receipt&recruiter=6981912&j=319113&sfmc_sub=192659342&l=32_HTML&u=57423160&mid=7233052&jb=322251

 Support BBOWT’s legal challenge to the government for not following due process and completing a Strategic Environmental Assessment prior to choice of corridor for the proposed Expressway.  If you’d like to find out more about this and donate, you can use the below link.