Wheatley Neighbourhood Plan was ‘made’ on 6th May 2021, following a local referendum.

Following SODC’s adoption of its own Local Plan – LP2035, which granted ‘made’ neighbourhood plans the opportunity to release Green Belt land for development, the Wheatley Neighbourhood Plan committees, with support from SODC, undertook a review of the Wheatley Neighbourhood Plan.

The first review has now been completed together with associated Environmental Reports and a Design Code. Copies of documents are available from wheatleyneighbourhoodplan.co.uk. or below:

A consultation period between Friday 3rd June until midnight Friday 22nd July will allow the community to share their comments on the review by either emailing wnpresponses@gmail.com or by sending a letter to the parish office.

Paper copies of the documents will be available to view in the parish office, by appointment only.