Parish Council Agenda 12.04.2021

Item 178 Virtual Meeting Legislation and return to Face-To-Face Meetings

Item 180 Terms of Reference for Wellbeing Committee

Item 181 Consider Support for initiatives in village

Item 185 Subscriptions

Item 186 Update on Strategic Plan & Action Plan

Open Spaces Committee EGM Minutes 22.03.2021 unconfirmed

Staffing Committee Meeting Minutes 25.03.2021 unconfirmed

Open Spaces Committee Minutes 15.03.2021 (unconfirmed)

Annual Parish Meeting – 27th April 2021

Report from OCC Cllr Tim Bearder

Community Reports 2021

Parish Council Meeting Minutes 01.03.2021 (unconfirmed)

Item 157 Update from Clerk

Item 163 Wellbeing Committee Terms of Reference

Item 164 Report on Replacement Pavilion Project

Item 168i Equalities Policy

Item 168ii Scheme of Delegation

Finance Committee Minutes 15.02.2021

Schedule of Payments up to 29.01.2021

Staffing Committee Minutes 15.02.2021 (unconfirmed)