Parish Council Meeting Agenda 13.05.2024

Parish Council Meeting Minutes 13.05.2024 – unconfirmed

Item 2 – Standing Orders

Item 7 Minutes from WPC Meeting 08.04.2024 (unconfirmed)

Item 14i Schedule of policies and documents

Item 14ii Schedule of meetings 2024-25

Item 14iii Councillor code of conduct

Item 14iv Maternity leave and pay policy

Item 14v Emergency Dependent leave and pay policy

Item 14vi Paternity leave and pay policy

Item 14vii Complaints policy

Item 15i Regular banking standing orders and direct debits

Item 15ii Authorised signatories and bank mandates

Item 15iii Subscriptions

Item 18 Terms of Reference

Item 19i Annual Parish Meeting Minutes 22.04.2024 (unconfirmed)

Parish Council Meeting Minutes – unconfirmed

Item 200i Scheme of Delegation

Item 200ii Investment Strategy

Item 200iii Statement of Internal Control

Item 200iv Grants Policy

Item 201 Annual Parish Meeting notice

Item 201iv Proposals for consultation – Littleworth Field

Parish Council Meeting Minutes 04.03.2024 (unconfirmed)

Item 181 20mph proposal to OCC

Item 184iii/23-24 Marking the death of a significant figure

Item 184ii/23-24 Councillor Handbook

Item 184i/23-24 Sickness Policy

Parish Council Meeting Minutes 04.09.2023

Meeting Reports

Parish Council Minutes 03.07.2023

Item 61 No Smoking initiative

Item 63 Footpath Consultation – draft

Item 63 Footpath Consultation briefing paper

Item 64i Asset Register Policy

Item 64ii Risk Register

Item 64iii Emergency Plan