Parish Council Minutes 06.02.2023 (unconfirmed)

Item 194 Wheatley Pavilion – current issues

Item 196 Littleworth Field Report

Item 197 Tree work quotes

Item 199i Statement of Internal Control

Item 199ii Financial Regulations (revised Jan 23)

Parish Council Meeting Minutes 14.11.2022

Item 134i Local Produce Market

Item 136 Draft budget

Item 136 Potential Precept figures

Item 137i Risk Assessment

Item 137i Risk Assessment summary


Parish Council Meeting Minutes 05.09.22

Item 94i Complaints Procedure

Item 94ii Co-option Application

Item 94iii Health & Safety Statement

Item 94v Website Accessibility Statement – review

Item 95vi Strategic Plan/Action Plan update July 2022

Parish Council Minutes 04.07.2022

Item 51 High St Parking Report

Item 52 Volunteer Recognition Event

Item 53 Play & Activity Day Update

Item 54ii Strategic Plan & Action Plan Update

Item 55 Grant application form for 2022-23

Item 55 Finance Committee Terms of Reference

Minutes 06.06.2022

Item 32 Internal Auditors Report

Item 33 & 34 Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2021-22

Item 34i Asset Register 31.03.22

Item 34 AGAR responses and notes to accounts

Item 34 Bank Reconcilliation 31.03.2022

Item 34 Budget Sheet 31.03.2022

Item 35 Standing Orders (May 2022)