Parish Council Minutes 07.02.2022 (unconfirmed)

Item 164 Pavilion Report Summary and Recommendations

Item 167 Strategic Plan Update


Parish Council Meeting Minutes 10.01.2022

Item 149i Scheme of delegation

Item 149iii Statement of internal control

Parish Council Meeting Minutes 06.12.2021 (unconfirmed)

Agenda and Summons 06.12.2021

Item 122i High St Parking working Group terms of reference

Item 126 90th Birthday Celebrations

Item 127 Support for Wheatley Play and Activity Day 2022

Item 129 Draft Budget for 2022-23

Item 130 Precept for 2022-23

Item 131i Lone Working Policy

Item 131ii Learning and Development Policy

Item 131ii Update on Strategic Plan and Action Plan

Parish Council Meeting Minutes 01.11.2021 (unconfirmed)

Item 102 Controlled Parking Zone report

Item 107i Investment Strategy (revised)

Item 107ii Risk Assessments

Item 109i Draft Budget 2022-23

Parish Council Meeting Minutes 05.07.2021

Item 46i Creation of Traffic Working Group

Item 46ii Recent traffic issues

Item 47 New Banking Provider

Item 48 Privacy Notice – internal

Item 48 Privacy Notice – external

Item 48 Subject Action Request Procedure

Item 48 Data Breach Procedure

Item 48 Data Breach Form

Item 48 Data Audit June 2021

Item 49 Updated Strateic Action Plan 29.06.2021

Parish Council Minutes 12.04.2021

Item 178 Virtual Meeting Legislation and return to Face-To-Face Meetings

Item 180 Terms of Reference for Wellbeing Committee

Item 181 Consider Support for initiatives in village

Item 185 Subscriptions

Item 186 Update on Strategic Plan & Action Plan