Finance Committee Minutes 19.12.2022

Item 33i Bank Reconcilliation 30.11.2022

Item 33iii Income & Expenditure 30.11.2022

Item 33iv Budget Sheet 30.11.2022

Item 33vi Debtors

Sandwich Medical Clinic. S.C.

Friendly Faces
We serve as a personal medical home for each patient, ensuring access to comprehensive, integrated care through an ongoing relationship. Our commitment is to delivering and continually improving care for the whole person as an individual and as a member of his or her family.
Always Available
It’s always a pleasure to see our patients face to face. If you find yourself needing to request a prescription refill, wanting to make an appointment, review your lab work, etc. you can visit the patient portal and securely sign in to your chart to do it all at your convenience…
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