The only burial provision for the village at St Mary’s Church will become full within the next 6 to 10 months and will then close for burials*. A report Burial provision for the village of Wheatley  was presented to the parish council in December of 2017. Further details have been discussed by the Parish Council and circulated through the village newsletter.

Thank you to everyone who responded to our questionnaire about the future burial space, on the back of these results the Parish Council has tasked a small working group to continue to look into this further.

Update Jan 2019
Cemetery Development Services (CDS) have carried out  desktop surveys of all four locations and identified that two are not suitable. Out of the remaining two the parish council has a preferred location where on-site exploratory investigations will begin shortly. Information gathered here will provide the parish council with more information on the suitability of the site for burial space, before taking the project any further.

Further updates will be provided at Parish Council meetings in the village newsletter and on this page