Wheatley Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Result 2023

Wheatley Parish Council is pleased to announce that the local referendum to accept the enhancements to the Wheatley Neighbourhood Plan produced a positive result, (514 votes for Yes, 72 for No with 1 void ballot paper, 16.39% turnout)

Both Wheatley Parish Council and South Oxfordshire District Council, as the local planning authority will soon be able to use the revised plan and new design codes in their planning discussions and decision making processes.

Wheatley Parish Council is grateful to the Neighbourhood Plan Committee, led by John Fox and Roy Gordon for getting us to this point and for their work over the last eight years.

Wheatley Parish Council will continue to follow the developments of the Joint Local Plan between South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse District Councils and will consider when further reviews may be necessary, in the coming months or years.

Wheatley Neighbourhood Plan 2021

Wheatley Neighbourhood Plan was ‘made’ on 6th May 2021, following a local referendum.

Following SODC’s adoption of its own Local Plan – LP2035, which granted ‘made’ neighbourhood plans the opportunity to release Green Belt land for development, the Wheatley Neighbourhood Plan committees, with support from SODC, undertook a review of the Wheatley Neighbourhood Plan.

Thank you to everyone who responded to our formal consultation in 2022. The updated document has now been submitted to SODC, for them to undertake the next stage of consultation. This runs from 19 Jan until 2 Mar 2023.

You can view and comment on all the documents including the updated plan, Strategic Environmental Assessment and the Design Code by visiting SODC’s dedicated page.  Paper copies of the documents will be available to view in the parish office. Please visit during our parish surgeries (Wed and Sat 9.30-11.30am) or contact us to make an appointment.