Latest: Wheatley Newsletter Feb/ Mar 2023

The full colour Wheatley Newsletter welcomes contributions and advertisements from everyone in the two parishes and from businesses and organisations serving Wheatley and District. News and reports from village organisations are particularly welcome but contentious issues or articles promoting personal causes should be avoided – the Editor reserves the right not to print items and to edit items submitted for publication. The views expressed in the Newsletter are not those of the Parish Council or Editor, and no liability can be accepted for any error or omissions although we will publish corrections.

Editor: Peter Collinson
Publisher & Distribution Organiser: Wheatley Parish Council

Distributed by a team of volunteers to all addresses in Wheatley and Holton Parishes. Also available by post or email on subscription outside the distribution area, ask for details.

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The Wheatley Newsletter is published every two months – December/January; February/March; April/May; June/July; August/September; October/November.

Next edition is April/May 2023. The deadline for copy is 12 noon on Thursday 16th March 2023.

Please send submissions as an attached Word document by email, if possible,  to:  Maximum word count is 250 words, and colour images are welcomed.


Wheatley Newsletter contains paid adverts from local businesses and those providing services to the village, which enables over 2,000 properties in Wheatley and Holton to receive a free copy.

Advertising Rates 2023/24

  • Page size
  • 1/4 (portrait or landscape) 9cm high x 6cm wide or 5cm high x 12.5cm wide
  • 1/2 (landscape only) 9cm high by 12.5cm wide
  • Cost (inc. VAT)
  • £27.50
  • £38.50

Please note:

  • new full page adverts are no longer accepted
  • advertisements should be sent copy ready in pdf or jpeg format
  • adverts are full colour in both the printed and web version
  • adverts to be paid for by the copy deadline (see booking form below)
  • new advertisers can only be included when existing advertisers drop out
  • we often have a waiting list for new advertisers and so we cannot guarantee automatic inclusion in the first issue you have selected
  • when you email your booking form to us we will put it on the waiting list and then let you know nearer the publishing time if space is available

To book advertising space, please complete the  Newsletter Booking Form 2023-2024

and email to:

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