About Wheatley Parish Council

There are fifteen Councillors serving on the Parish Council and the Clerk to the Council is Michelle Legg.

Who are they? Details of all your Councillors are available here.

What does the council do?
The council is the third tier of local government working for the benefit of the local community. It has some statutory duties and powers to enable it to carry out its work. Please refer to specific pages of this site for further details.
Wheatley Parish Council employs four part time employees (Clerk, Assistant Clerk and Outdoor Workers).

The parish council provides/maintains:

  • three recreation grounds and play areas
  • memorial garden,
  • allotment (Littleworth)
  • some footpaths and other open spaces
  • some bus stops, seats and benches
  • grant scheme for local organisations
  • support to residents, organisations and charities within, or supporting the wider community

When does the council meet? The Parish Council meets every month on the first Monday (except when a Bank Holiday, then it is the second Monday), and there is no meeting in Aug.
Dates for all the meetings are available here.

About Wheatley Village

Wheatley is a large village of about 4,100 people six miles south east of Oxford, near Shotover.

Boundary map

Wheatley grew substantially in the 20th century, and is fortunate to have retained its shops in the village centre.

It also offers:

  • shops and a post office
  • a health centre and dentist
  • a number of pre-school groups
  • a nursery, primary and special needs school
  • open spaces including, play areas, recreation areas, allotments
  • community buildings
  • three churches
  • many clubs and organisations

The comprehensive school (on an exceptionally scenic site) and part of Brookes University Campus are both in neighbouring Holton.

There is an excellent bus service to Aylesbury, Oxford and Thame.  The 280 bus service connects with both Haddenham and Oxford stations.

Wheatley Lock-up

Information booklet

This information booklet provides information about local societies, clubs and organisations. (Predominantly the organisations are not commercial, unless they provide a service directly to the village.) For local commercial organisations, please see the advertisements in the Wheatley Newsletter.