Parish Council Minutes 03.07.2023

Item 61 No Smoking initiative

Item 63 Footpath Consultation – draft

Item 63 Footpath Consultation briefing paper

Item 64i Asset Register Policy

Item 64ii Risk Register

Item 64iii Emergency Plan

Finance Committee Minutes 19.06.2023

Item 9i – Bank Reconcilliation 31.05.2023

Item 9iii Income & Expenditure Report 31.05.2023

Item 9iv Budget Update 31.05.2023

Item 9v Reserves 2023-24

Item 9vi Debtors 31.05.2023

Item 10 Schedule of Payments authorised

Item 11 Risk Register

Parish Council Meeting Minutes 05.06.2023

Item 38 Internal Auditors Report (AGAR) (signed)

Item 38 Internal Auditors Report – final

Item 39ii Notice of Electors Rights

Item 40i Asset Register 2022-23

Item 42 Produce & Christmas Markets