Advice on Flooding

Following the flooding that took place across the village on Friday 6th July I have been asked to find out whom to contact should a similar event occur. Please note all the following information is given in good faith.

Dealing with flooding is split between 4 Agencies:

  • The Environment Agency
  • Thames Water
  • Oxfordshire County Council
  • South Oxfordshire District Council

The Environment Agency

Flood warnings are issued by the Environment Agency. See this page of the Environment Agency website to find out if there are any current flood warnings in force.

If you live in the flood plain you can sign up to the Environment Agency’s flood alert system which will enable you to receive early warnings by telephone. For more information about this service and to sign up to it call the Environment Agency’s Floodline on 0845 988 1188.

Thames Water

It would seem that Thames Water do not deal with flooding that occurs from surface water.

They are responsible for flooding caused by drains/sewers overflowing and therefore where there is a danger of contamination.

They will send a team out to deal with the immediate problem and then a decontamination team later

Their 24-hour hotline is 08459 200 800


Oxfordshire County Council

From OCC website: ( )

“We, as highway authority, will provide emergency response to flooding by closing roads, setting up diversions, pumping flooded highways, and sandbagging properties threatened by flooded highways where possible.”

EMERGENCIES AND URGENT problems should be reported by contacting

0845 310 11 11.

South Oxfordshire District Council

Whilst Oxfordshire County Council is the lead authority on dealing with flooding, it has devolved responsibility to the District Councils.

From SODC website:

“Responsibility for protecting homes and businesses lies primarily with owners and/or occupiers. However, the council will always try to provide assistance where it is considered most needed and if resources, circumstances and budgets permit. The council has a limited supply of sandbags which are used primarily for the protection of vulnerable homes when occupied homes are in imminent danger of flooding. We cannot provide sandbags for protecting gardens or outbuildings.”

Monson are the company used by SODC Tel No. 01491 823475

The following is an extract from the ‘South and Vale Flood Plan 2011 – sandbag policy”

“1. The councils cannot guarantee the supply of sandbags to any premises, so residents

are urged to make their own arrangements, particularly if they live within a flood plain

or they know that their property is susceptible to flooding. Neither council has the

resources in ‘non emergency’ conditions to deliver sandbags. However, in extreme

weather conditions, the strategic director can agree to redeploy existing resources from the councils’ contractors such as waste contractors and grounds maintenance to help deliver sandbags to individual properties or agreed strategic locations.

4. Sandbags will only be provided where there is a risk of water entering a dwelling i.e.

the living area of a house. Sandbags are NOT provided to protect garages, gardens or outbuildings.

5. Where resources allow, the council will endeavour to deliver sandbags to properties

and in some circumstances deploy or position them (see paragraph 9) to protect

dwellings which are at risk of flooding.

6. The council will prioritise requests in the following order based on information taken at

the time of the request:

a) dwellings occupied by vulnerable people including the infirm or elderly”

b) dwellings which are listed buildings where flooding would cause irreparable damage

c) all other private dwellings.

Gareth Morris

Clerk to Wheatley Parish Council

10th July 2012

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